Submit your work any time, any day, any month, any year. 

Just keep in mind that this ezine is dedicated to saving the Earth.  We accept only work that shows the beauty of the Earth and anything that highlights how we can preserve it.  We also want to expose those who are out to destroy it whether through willful actions or just plain ignorance. 

We cannot pay you at this time, but we will never close, so your exposure will be continuous unless you tell us to remove your work which we will do at anytime.

We accept poetry up to  one page in length, fiction and non-fiction up to 3000 words. 

All art work  or photographs should be sent as a ..jpg or .gif  format approximately 700x350 pixels in size.

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John Darling, Publisher & Editor

(Yes, I am that kid from Peter Pan--I just decided to grow-the-hell up)