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 The Lane by George Korolog The Song of Sleep  by Loeva Virginia Mills
Circa Eta Carina Located by George Korolog Leaves in December by Michael Lee Johnson
Mountains in the Morning Light by A.J. Huffman Indolent Sun by Michael Lee Johnson
Organ Pipe Cactus by A.J. Huffman California Summer by Michael Lee Johnson
Water Lilies and Stone by A.J. Huffman When All Else Fails by J.P. Christiansen
   Unpaved Road by Chris Crittenden In The Womb of Forever by J.P. Christiansen
   Sitting In A Tree by Chris Crittenden Mother Earth by J.P. Christiansen
   Even Then by Chris Crittenden If There Are No Fish by Marc Ladewig
  Quoddy Storm by Chris Crittenden Greenie by John Darling
Reunite Pangea by W.J. Thornton

Mother by Scott Oliver

For The Goddess by Josie Gray Mother Nature  by Loeva Virginia Mills
Encounter by Miki Byrne Of Kith and Kin by Craig W. Steele

Cold Snap by Miki Byrne

Early Spring Day by Craig W. Steele
Blue Day by Miki Byrne Trees Are Watching by Craig W. Steele
Reddened Sky by Sonnet Mondal Massacre by Sunil Sharma
on this earth by RD McManes