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When All Else Fails

When all else fails,

seek out the shore,

and listen to the rhythm of earth

eternal as far as you are concerned. 

What youíll hear is the heartís longing,

and your beingís vague awareness

of something oceanic moving. 

When all else fails,             

become the earth,

and the rhythm that answers all. 





In The Womb Of Forever 

At the far edge of a distant cloud

sounds exaltation, jubilation, frustration,

as swirling in the dark void of origins

Mother Earth oscillates in joy and sadness. 

Cradling life in cycles of birthing and dying,

she withstands forces of dissipation into Chaos

as yet again she offers her children the rising sun

in the warmth and light to which we awaken. 

As dreams fade in seduction of entropic inevitability,

souls seek refuge in timeís forgetting ~

in the silence of cosmic forgiveness,

warriors survey the carnage of long, cold nights,

and lovers reap fruit for new beginnings. 

With resignation she bares her bosom;

her sustenance of life is the reaction of all causes

in which the fusion of positive and negative justifiesÖ

in a void of diffuseness and unlikely probabilities

she calls for her children to gather. 

Deep in the womb of forever the visitor smiles his cry. 


Mother Earth

Youíre the one Iím interested in

and holisticíly longing


and I come to your life

by way of searching wonder

seeking to express most uniquely, 

and when Iím said and done


youíll be the one to whom I come


time and place to rest.