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Global Warming and

My Wood Pile

Any person still delusional enough to deny the facts of Global Warming needs to go into my backyard and look at my wood pile.

Every year for the 17 years that I have lived in my home, I have cherished my fireplace and the nice cozy blazes it produces.  So, every year I buy ½ cord of wood and wait for the temperature to dip.  I remember that the during the first 6 or 7 years that I started doing this, I often had to buy bundles of wood from local stores just to make it through the winter. 

Several times I even thought about buying a full cord of wood but before I could do this I started to notice that every year I would have a few sticks of wood left over--with the pile of left over wood growing each year. 

This year, I have a full ¼ cord still waiting to be burned.

Now, either my wood supplier is getting sloppy in their distribution practices or the planet is getting warmer which requires me to use less wood.  I have faith in my trusty supplier and I also have faith in the majority of scientists who believe that Global Warming is real, is here now, and is caused my mankind.

Can you say “droughts of the century” or “water rationing”?  You may as well get used to those phrases because that is where we are heading and if you are looking for someone to blame, go find a mirror.

John Darling, Editor