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Complete and utter darkness surrounded her like a blanket and smothered her as if she were a child pressed against its mother’s bosom.  The darkness was home to her; it was safety. She leaned her head back and inhaled a deep supply of nutritious air that filled her lungs and fueled the red fluid that coursed through her veins. She could feel her organs greedily consume their supply of nourishment as her extremities flexed with strength. 


She could feel each beat of her heart and each tremor of her muscles. She kept her mind blank in calm serenity and focused on locating every single iota of her existence that held her broken body together.


She slowly began to imagine her torso as being the soul part of her that kept her grounded to Earth. The organs buried protectively within her purred at her revelation. Her torso clenched with a strange combination of power and motherly tenderness as her attention spread to her hands.


Each finger of her right hand suddenly appeared to her as a wild creature of the air. Her baby finger was magically transformed into a beautiful goldfinch, singing sweet melodies. In place of her ring finger was now the most striking mockingbird she had ever seen, singing along with the goldfinch as well. She studied the bird closely, noticing that she could hear his tiny heart beat, and the tiny heart beat of the little goldfinch beside him. Then her middle finger morphed into a stunning cardinal who whistled only twice before going quiet and staring into her eyes, as though waiting for something. Before she could think more about it, her index finger was graced with the wonderful hum of a ruby-throated hummingbird. She smiled as her attention turned to her thumb, where a proud male peacock sat in her thumb’s place, his feathers fully exposed.


Curious, but not shocked by this sudden transformation, she held up her left hand and saw all the same birds in their places as on her right, but these were all female. The goldfinch with its duller yellow, the mockingbird with similar features as its mate, the oddly dull brown color of the female cardinal, the ruby-throated hummingbird lacking the red throat like her counterpart, and the sad, frumpy-looking foil to the proud peacock.


All of these birds stared up at her with admiration and patience as though her children. As she focused on the heart beats of each bird, she noticed that her arms began to feel lightweight—much like air and wind, and even in the darkness where she stood she could feel the heat of a summer’s day. Her mind shifted its focus down to her legs where she could practically feel the soothing itch of tall grass multiplying up and down her calves and thighs. Then her attention slid down to her bare feet, standing on emptiness.


Her big toe wiggled up at her on her right foot for a split second before growing into the majestic form of a male lion, roaring with powerful content. Her second toe became a dominant elephant, his white tusks gleaming in her mind. Her middle toe transformed into a wild wolf whose coarse fur coat seemed to stand on all ends as an intimidating growl erupted from his throat. Her fourth toe morphed into a powerful wild stallion whose temper seemed to explode within the air waves around it. And lastly, she focused all of her attention on her little toe before it grew to become a small, but cunning fox with fur the color of burnt orange. Like the animals of the air, she could sense their heart beats and the pulse of the blood streaking through their veins.


On her left foot, the female counterparts of each animal appeared in an instant; the strong, sleek lioness standing proudly next to the breathtaking elephant, the female wolf, eyes shining with intellect, the mare with the same air of power as the stallion, and lastly, the small cunningness of the female fox.


She knew she should have been more shocked by these physical transformations, yet her heart warmed with familiar comfort, with unwavering love at her body finally converting into what it was meant to be. She could even picture her auburn hair slithering down the back of her neck like the warm waves of the Gulf in the summer, and could sense the life thriving within it.


She was finally complete, she was finally whole.




The clock hanging above the nurses’ station ticked away with a selfish drone as the night shift continued its rhythm through the dozens of rooms in the hospital. The most reliable and experienced nurse at the hospital was on duty and had begun making his rounds. His curly black hair tickled the back of his neck and ears in a sexy way that made the female nurses weak when they saw him. His pale blue eyes flickered harmlessly into passing dark rooms as he continued his hourly walk through the hospital.


As usual, he stopped in front of a closed door for just a moment, looking to see if anyone saw him, before quietly entering the room and closing the door behind him.  He slowly walked towards the lone patient in the room, whose long auburn hair could be seen even in the faint light of the moon trickling in from the window.   


A glimmer of something foreign, something dangerous passed through his eyes when he looked at  her. His chest inflated with something far from pride.


He gently combed his hands through her hair, trailing his thick fingers down her neck, arms, stomach, and legs of her motionless body. His eyes flickered over to the monitor, professionally scanning over the numbers and diagrams to make sure she was still in her endless sleep. As he had done many times before, his hands eagerly began to remove his pants, all the while staring at the innocent, serene face of the sleeping, helpless, woman.


Had she been able to feel him penetrate the most sacred part of her, she would have been able to see the moonlight reflect off of his gleaming name tag that read Bryan Parker.




In a nightmare, she felt a horrible, vile feeling form in her groin. Panic pumped adrenaline through her at the arrival of this pain as she felt black, sticky, death creep from between her legs, up her stomach, filtering into her precious body.  She could feel the nerves in her brain explode as the invader spread through her body, infecting everything in its path.


The animals of the air and earth and water, suckled by her natural fluids, began to scream as the black substance overtook every inch of her. Her mind screamed at her to react, pleaded with her body to defend itself from this invader, but she was completely helpless and utterly unprotected.  And for this she wept.